Your Financial Data Isn’t Confidential, Bitcoin Can Fix It

By following these tips, HODLers can provide privacy in a world where financial data is lacking.
On April 4, 1933, probably only a handful of Americans were cautious enough to keep the gold coins in their homes. There seemed to be nothing wrong with keeping the gold in a safe place in the banks. That changed a day later when President Roosevelt announced Executive Order 6102, which prohibited the storage of gold in the continental United States.”those who trusted third parties in their security and privacy were suddenly looted. Only those with a healthy distrust of the government and the watchdogs had the right to choose. They can follow the confiscation order or protect their property.
After all, this is privacy: protecting the ability to make decisions for yourself, not for what others decide for you.
Secrecy is insurance against a desperate situation.Private life is one of those things you don’t really appreciate until you lose.
The current lack of concern about financial privacy is often a result of long-term conditioning. When it comes to financial matters, secrecy has been demonised for much of the century.
A coordinated assault on financial secrecy began during the U.S. prohibition of alcohol in the 1930s. This senseless ban has created a new kind of risk-sensitive entrepreneur: the gangster. At the time, there was a struggle to chase gangsters as usual, so the government pushed banks to take an interest in their customers ‘ source of income. Those who failed to disclose their income were accused of tax evasion. That’s how Al Capone went to jail.
The ban ended in 1933, but the basis for the financial surveillance regime remained. In the years that followed, it was expanded in the name of wars against drugs and terrorism (which can be severely questioned both in their consequences and in terms of property damage). Although arguments for fiscal oversight have changed over the years,

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