Young Koreans are less enthusiastic about crypto-taxation than older generations, according to opinion polls.

Opponents of the government planning to tax profits from cryptocurrency trading are more than South Koreans in their 20s, according to a new study. Representatives of other age groups are more open to the proposal to tax investments in virtual assets. About half of young Koreans refuse to tax their crypto profits, according to local media reports Monday, according to the survey, just over half of South Koreans support taxation of profits from cryptocurrency trading. In the figures, 53.7% of respondents support the authorities' attempt to tax capital gains from transactions involving digital currency, while 38.3% oppose it. However, the country's youth or the most active cryptocurrency users probably disagree. 47.8 percent of respondents aged 20-29 said they were against the planned tax, majority 47.5 percent. The largest member share is over the age of 40 (62.1%), followed by those over the age of 50 (57.2%) and 30 (55.4%). In Realmeter's survey of 500 Korean residents aged 18 and over, more than half (52.6%) of those over the age of 70 participated in the proposed taxation. The majority of Korean women support Seoul's tax plan The survey commissioned by the news channel YTN shows that Korean women accept more crypto taxes than men. According to data quoted by Yonhap, 60% of women surveyed agreed with the government's decision to tax profits from crypto investments next year, while only a third expressed their objection. The distribution among male respondents has almost halved: 47.3% support the measure and 45.7% oppose it. A report from the Korea Herald states that young people are the most active participants in the crypto space. The article, citing figures from MP Kwon Eun-hee, reported that 2.35 million Koreans were

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