You Can Now Update MSPaint and Snipping Tool via the Microsoft Store

Microsoft updated both MSPaint and Snipping Tool via the operating system updates so far. Soon, the company will let you update both these apps via the official Microsoft Store. You’ll no longer have to rely on an OS update to update these apps.

Updates for MSPaint and Snipping Tool

When Microsoft made a new feature or implemented a bug fix for either MSPaint or Snipping Tool, that item had to come through the official Windows OS update. That meant even if a new feature was available and ready to ship, you would have to wait for an OS update to arrive to get those features in these apps.

Update MSPaint and Snipping Tool From the Microsoft Store

As announced on Windows Blogs, Microsoft is changing how the MSPaint and Snipping Tool apps update on Windows PCs. Going forward, both these apps will be updateable via the Microsoft Store.

What this means is you’ll be able to get newer features and patches more frequently. These apps will update independently from the Store.

Changes Made to MSPaint and Snipping Tool

In addition to making both these apps updateable via the Microsoft Store, the company has made a few other changes as well to both these apps. Those changes are as follows.

MSPaint Changes

Microsoft has given a new icon to the MSPaint app. You’ll see this icon wherever the app’s shortcut appears on your PC.

Another thing that has changed is MSPaint is now available outside of the Windows Accessories folder. The app now has its own place in the Start menu.

Snipping Tool Changes

A major change that Microsoft has made to Snipping Tool is that it has combined Snip & Sketch with this app. The company says they’ve done this so they can deliver updates for both apps at the same time.

Like MSPaint, you’ll be able to update this app from the Microsoft Store.

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Also, Snipping Tool now has its own place in the Start menu and it’s no longer in the Windows Accessories folder.

Availability of MSPaint and Snipping Tool Changes

These changes are currently only live in the preview builds of Windows 10. Windows 10 stable users will need to wait a while to get these changes on their computers.

MSPaint and Snipping Tool to No Longer Rely on OS Updates

With both MSPaint and Snipping Tool no longer relying on the core Windows OS updates, it’s likely you’ll receive more frequent updates for both these apps from the Microsoft Store. This is because the developers won’t have to get an OS update ready to push out changes for these two apps.

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