Yayın platformu substack te accepteren onchain, Bliksem Netwerk Bitcoin Betalingen ile Opennode

On Monday, publishing platform Substack reported that the company had now accepted bitcoin payments. Substack will work with OpenNode’s payment processor and use the publishing platform lightning Network and payments through the chain.

Substack works with OpenNode payment processor to support Bitcoin payments
Substack online platform is a web-based portal for publishing, analysis and design infrastructure created in 2017. The website provides support for newsletter subscription services, and Substack has over 500,000 paid subscribers to date.

The California-based company has become popular since its inception and has a worldwide website ranking of 3643, according to statistics similarweb.com in the US, Substack has about 1,538 rankings and accounts for 46.11% of US site traffic. Substack has come down the ladder in terms of website rankings in the United States similarweb.com that’s data.

Today, we have bitcoin payments starting with selected crypto releases.

We will continue to invest in features that give authors more control over their subscriptions and communities.

To read some of the great encryption texts in Substack, visit: https://t.co/e8M8K9VZ2W

– Substack (@SubstackInc), August 23, 2021

On August 23, bitcoin payment processor Opennode issued a press release announcing that Substack would accept BTC.

“[Substack] has integrated the bitcoin API to offer bitcoin payments on its online publishing platform, ” the company said. “Opennode will use both [onchain] and lightning Network’s bitcoin payments,” Opennode added. The announcement also states that payment initially made with BTC can be used with “selected publications.”

“We are excited to work with Opennode to allow independent publishers at Substack to accept crypto payments,” explains Nick Intsukki, product designer at Substack. “Having such an opportunity will give writers more flexibility and freedom, and so will we

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