XRP volume is 2 out of 100 against the background of cryptocurrency volatility. growing near 2021% in quarter: ripple report

Digital payments company Ripple Labs reported that XRP’s trading volume increased in the second fiscal quarter of 2021, as the cryptocurrency market faced some turbulence.

A new Ripple blog post shows that blockchain Insights platform CryptoCompare TopTier (CCTT) ‘ s daily trading volume of XRP is expected to rise by 2021. 1.ve 2nd. it said it had risen sharply between Dec.

“CCTT’s report on daily XRP volume increased significantly in Q2 2021 from Q1 2021. Average daily reporting volume doubled in Q2 to $ 2.26 billion versus $ 4.49 billion in the previous quarter. In particular, XRP volumes showed four days with the highest volume ever.”

XRP’s 2. its volatility in the quarter was significant, especially compared to bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) volatility, according to ripple.

“The standard deviation of XRP’s daily return for Q2 was 11.5% and was more volatile than BTC (5.0%) and ETH (7.3%), mostly due to the volatility of XRP in early April.”

Ripple also comments on the company’s ongoing fight with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the SEC alleging that Ripple sold unregistered securities on its XRP form.

Ripple said the payments company set several key milestones in its judicial fight against the SEC in the second quarter.

“For the third time, the court recognized that Ripple was entitled to some internal Sec documents.  

The court denied the SEC’s request for access to confidential ripple communications with its lawyers. The court ruled that Ripple’s proper focus on”fair notice protection “was on” the SEC’s failure to provide fair notice of the status of the Commission as to whether XRP qualifies as a certainty.””

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