Xrp ripple up 22% due to high development activity

The entire overall crypto market is undergoing a little consolidation after a solid rally, with Ripple XRP continuing to move an inch North. XRP is trading 22% higher at $ 1.33, with a market capitalization of $ 61.6 billion, the press release said.

Over the past week, XRP has performed more than 60% better than other top artists such as ADA Cardano. Thus, he was able to successfully shut down the rest of the crypto crowd. For the first time in three months, XRP is trading at such high levels.

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Price action follows high activity in Ripple blockchain development, network data provider centiment writes.

Before leaving the # Crypto package, we saw signs of a rapid increase in development activity. The # XRP command now represents the highest # github activity rate in the history of the entity.

XRP Ledger supports NFT innovation
Ripple aims to move on to the latest NFT trend, noting that the XRP book is great for further growth of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT).

Ripple coach David Schwartz said::

The XRP Ledger offers a unique mix of low-cost, high-speed, and well-paid features needed to optimize the scaling of NFT. In particular, the ability of a ledger to support fixed transaction costs-something that is not possible on many other platforms today-is a huge advantage for both buyers and sellers.

Unalterable tokens (NFT) have caused a great stir in crypto. Almost every major blockchain project is looking for NFT on its platform to further expand the ecosystem.

Etheruem currently has the lion’s share in the adoption and placement of the NFT. They offer a unique way to digitize scarce assets by providing easy access to new market participants. For NFT, ripple’s approval could bring it to the next level of growth and help them expand their Sunday presence in crypto.

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