XRP ranks fourth in CMC again; Ripple Boss says "Today was a good day"

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse tweeted: "Today has been a good day." And he's right; There are many things that XRP investors can be happy about at this point. Most importantly, yesterday's hearing did not go as expected by the SEC. Today was a beautiful day. – Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) April 6, 2021 SEC vs Ripple Hearing – Highlights Since December, Ripple Labs has entered a war with the SEC, accusing the company of offering unregistered security in its XRP token. Ripple made another point in this groundbreaking case when, in an exploratory hearing yesterday, Judge Sarah Netburn ruled that the SEC had delivered internal documents related to Bitcoin and Ethereum. In particular, he ordered the SEC to search for all documents related to the XRP, Ether, and Bitcoin discussions involving third parties. However, unofficial documents cannot be found, including things like thought process emails. The SEC claims that the documents they hold on Bitcoin and Ether are irrelevant in this case as they differ from XRP. However, an important part of Ripple's defense is the lack of legal action and reporting. This refers to previous SEC announcements that Bitcoin and Ether are not securities. The defense argues that it is reasonable for Ripple to assume that this also applies to XRP, especially since the company has not made any other recommendation. Commenting on the verdict, attorney Jeremy Hogan listened to the hearing on the phone and expressed his perspective on what happened. Based on the events at the trial, he estimates that if there is a document containing a "smoking gun", the SEC will try to withdraw a case within the next 30 days. “If there is a smoking document, the SEC will try to get out of this case within the next 30 days. It also matches the Gensler's arrival on the ship, so if this happens, look for him somewhere in mid-May. XRP shed tears when news of legal action came Read more

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