XRP parabolic error

Coming to April 6, XRP will throw a crooked ball. Over the course of two days, its price has increased by 45%, and a coin currently costs more than a dollar. Of course, nothing comes close to the 2018 record of $ 3.67. However, we've seen this pattern before. XRP is among the top 5 most popular cryptocurrencies so far, despite some problems faced by the currency in the past. Users called it a bully after the divorce from parent company Ripple and the lawsuit filed against it. This situation remains valid. Five days ago, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse appeared on CNN News and discussed some issues with cryptocurrency, particularly the environmental impact of digital transactions. On the other hand, he said that speculation continues to be a major problem when it comes to price movements. In 2018, XRP holders saw a significant price drop right after reaching an all-time high. Now the situation is even more complicated. While the legal process is still ongoing, its results and consequences could vary from very positive to completely opposite for a normal coin owner. The rise in XRP's price is of course a good opportunity to be happy, but it's also a strong signal to be extremely careful, especially for newcomers to the market. The digital asset is now on the ledge and then there's an unknown. We recommend not making impulsive decisions, but a thorough analysis of the current situation. Altcoin News, Distribution, Price Rise, Ripple, XRPRRead More Read more

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