XRP lawsuit: Ripple reacts to SEC Appeals in DPP dispute

After consecutive hard moves, the Sec Ripple is finally back on the playing field with key arguments. In the latest update to the case, XRP Ripple responded to the SEC’s appeal against defendants ‘ petition for the forced production of internal and interagency documents in the deliberative process privileges (DPP) dispute Dec.

# Xrpcommunity # SECGov vs. # Ripple # Xrp Ripple offers a reaction to the SEC’s objections to the defendants ‘ petition for the forced decommissioning of internal and interagency documents. Read footnote 2 and the corresponding text. https: / / t. co / TaAGzzJFbW

– James C. Philan (@FilanLaw), August 23, 2021

SEC’s efforts to re-sue in DPP dispute
Ripple argued that the SEC was walking around in a circle to re-challenge the misunderstanding of documents already relevant to the case flagged by the court. The defendants stressed that the commission had been forced by the court to submit certain information on several occasions. However, the SEC’s attempts to argue that the DPP has a common practice but a credible process only cast more doubt.

“What the SEC does not defend (because it cannot) is the DPP’s general statement. Instead, the SEC asks the court to trust him, produce nothing, and look at nothing, noting that despite the SEC’s confession, which he concealed in a footnote, he”misidentified forty documents protected by the DPP when the privilege did not apply.”

Uncertainty over securities status in SEC DPP dispute
Ripple supported his argument for fair notification, saying internal Sec documents prove the commission was aware of market uncertainty regarding the status of the Securities. Moreover, the SEC itself did not have a clear idea of the structure and implementation of the legal structure of U.S. Securities.

On the other hand, the applicants emphasized the personal awareness of the individual defendants, Garlinghouse and Larsen, about internal discussions of XRP status. But to prove the “reckless” behaviour of the suspects

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