XRP case: is SEC going against Ripple’s speculation about wrongdoing?

In the latest development of the XRP case, the SEC opposed ripple’s proposal to close the exhibits. The SEC said Ripple’s seal has repeatedly tried to regulate portions of the Sec petition to intervene in the weak data dispute. In October, Ripple focuses on pressure on all seven exhibits he has filed under seal to get the SEC back.

# Xrpcommunity # Secgov vs # Ripple # XRP the SEC filed a letter against Ripple’s request for closure. pic.twitter.com/FBugE3lS4g

– James C. Philan (@FilanLaw), August 19, 2021

The SEC alleged that the defendant’s request for closure did not meet the criteria set out against the Onondagi-based Pyramid company in the Lugos case. According to the criteria, the printing of “court documents “must”match exactly.” Ripple, however, requires “general pressure” of the public presumption, despite the high public interest in the case.

“Given the extraordinary level of public interest and the high rates in cases, defendants often comment publicly on the nature and content of this case…but that makes it increasingly important to adhere firmly to the very narrow standard of printing laid out in the Meadow. Defendants would enjoy the First Amendment’s right to speak freely about the case, but would then deny the rights of the public under the same amendment to access the materials the court considered in the decision on the parties ‘ petition,” the SEC’s letter to the Press wrote against the proposal.

SEC unveils surprising data in contrast to motion challenging DPP’s abuse
In an earlier appeal against the SEC’s petition by individual defendants against the SEC’s misrepresentation of deliberative litigation and other privileges (DPP), the plaintiff mentioned Hinman’s meeting with the defendants. The plaintiff highlights ripple’s strongest evidence, namely his testimony that former Sec Corporate Finance Department Director William Hinman met with Ripple’s representatives.

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