XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Two Other Altcoins Positioning To Outperform Bitcoin, Predicts Top Crypto Analyst

The widely known crypto analyst and trader says XRP, Bitcoin Cash and two other crypto assets are ready to hold rallies to potentially improve bitcoin (BTC).

In the sector known as Donalt, a popular crypto strategy 289.000 subscribers, xrp/BTC pair, which is a bullish technical formation that may signal the emergence of large inverted head and shoulder pattern print reports.

“Turn your head and shoulders over the bottom support of the HTF [high timeframe] loop… Up to 50% and still far from resistance. I’ll be patient and wait. If that changes me completely, I’ll sell at just over breakeven. I think it looks good.”

Source: DonAlt / Twitter
According to Donalt’s chart, the XRP/BTC pair can fluctuate up to 0.00007852 BTC, which was $ 3.77 at the time of writing. A move towards the price target indicates a 185% reversal for the pair’s current value, at the time of writing it was 0.00002748 BTC ($1.31).

Below is bitcoin Cash’s decommissioned peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System (BCH). Dontt said the BCH / BTC pair had managed to stay above the main support level and were now ready to climb to its target of 0.02 BTC above $ 950.

“To be honest, there seems to be a good environment here. The next resistance is exceeded by 50% and cancellation is difficult.”

Source: DonAlt / Twitter
The next currency is the VeChain supply chain management (VET) platform. VeChain is showing signs of life against bitcoin (fat / BTC) after receiving help at 0.00000196 BTC ($0.09), according to Donalt. If the pair maintains critical price territory, Donald will see fat / BTC rise to 0.0000045 BTC and rise to $ 0.21.

“Wrong under the Yesil (196 satoshi). Scale on the right and red (450 satoshi).”

Source: DonAlt / Twitter
The last coin is the Tron operating system (TRX), based on blockchain. The TRX / BTC pair successfully tested the main support level at 0.0000015 BTC ($0.07) in the weekly timeframe, Donalt said. If TRX / BTC follows the strategist’s scenario, Donald will see it rise to 0.000003 BTC, or $ 0.14.

‘TRX a

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