XCarnival raises $2 million seed investment

Synthetic assets offer investors a variety of opportunities without being limited to a specific location. If the concept excites you, there's good news from XCarnival. Recently, XCarnival announced that it has secured a $2 million seed investment in its quest to reinvent synthetic assets in crypto. This investment is funded by Fundamental Labs, Zonff Partners, SNZ, EVG, NGC etc. Managed by top crypto funds, including Institutions such as AU21, Incuba Alpha, DFG, WaterDrip, LD Capital, Gate, ChainCapital and Bitrise Capital were also used. . “We are very excited about the progress of finance that reflects the confidence that investors have in our project and our team,” said Leon Liu, founder of XCarnival, a crypto influencer, investor and one of the most influential community leaders in the industry. Binance Smart Chain China Community. As a next-generation synthetic asset platform, XCarnival is dedicated to building non-standard asset leasing, underwriting and lending businesses. At the same time, XCarnival also provides various synthetic asset templates for users who want to create financial products quickly. The first version of XCarnival builds on R&D commitment in Binance Smart Chain, while promoting R&D in ETH Layer 2 and Solana. Why will XCarinval reinvent synthetic assets? Essentially, a synthetic asset is a tokenized derivative that mimics the value of another asset with little change in the characteristics of both assets. Recently, synthetic assets have gained popularity as they help people who do not want to have a real asset. Synthetic assets symbolize the relationship with the underlying asset, rather than using contracts to create the chain between the assets. As a result, synthetic assets can operate within the cryptosystem itself, providing exposure to any asset in the world. People now prefer synthetic assets to all other assets for various reasons. It allows you to overcome the obstacles laid by XCarnival.

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