World-Famous Hotel Chain Pavilions Hotels & Resorts To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Do you dream of taking a break from working in a decent facility after a wild bitcoin pump? Yeah, starting tomorrow.
Starting tomorrow, July 7, world-famous hotels and Resorts will start accepting bitcoin payments, the Scot show’s managing director has said.

The advert also said they were working with Coindirect in the UK to pay BTC when booking their stays in Europe and Asia. Customers will also be able to buy property on the Thai resort island of Phuket in Japan using bitcoin.
Accepting bitcoin payments has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as we move into our Digital Age, mass publicity seems inevitable.
Tone agrees and even says: “cryptocurrency is something that [pavilions] have seen forever. It’s not going fast and people have been getting more in the last few years. People do it in the retail sector, so it makes sense for us in the travel world to do it.
“These are exciting times to see more people using Cryptocurrency for business,” Ton said. “You will see more and more of it in the travel atmosphere, fixing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.”
The show also focused on bitcoin’s volatility, sharing his thoughts on how the fiat currency experiences price fluctuations, saying it’s just part of international business.
Pavilions will store or sell the bitcoins they receive as payment, depending on what they currently see fit. We can only assume that they can keep almost all of the bitcoin they receive and only sell it if necessary to cover the costs. For the past year, central banks have been printing money like crazy. An expansion of the money supply, especially in this way, will lead to a devaluation of the currency and inflation.

Money supply M1
This world-famous hotel chain chooses to pay and store some wealth with the heaviest money humanity has.

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