“Wolves of all streets” handelaar vervacht bitcoin te overtreffen $ 100 bin binnen 6 to 12 maanden

Crypto trader and investor Scott Melker, also known as the” Wolf of all streets, ” expects the price of bitcoin to reach new record highs by the end of the year. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see bitcoin trading at six figures over the next six to 12 months or Ethereum approaching $ 10,000 at the time,” he said. The trader also views the Senate’s $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill as the largest bitcoin ad in history.

Trader” Wolves of all streets ” sees many advantages to push Bitcoin’s price to $ 100k
Scott Melker, host of the Wolf of all streets podcast, shared his Bitcoin prediction with Kitco News last week.) Melker is a trader and investor in both private and Texas West Capital. He is the author of the” Wolf den ” newsletter and a consultant on a number of projects based on the blockchain. Last June, Binance presented the influential man of the Year award for North America.

Commenting on the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate last week, he said it was the largest bitcoin ad in history. With much intense debate in the crypto community and a growing number of lawmakers moving in favor of cryptocurrency, Melker said:

This raises awareness, which probably causes more people to buy than sell.

He continued: “We’re talking about pushing more than a trillion dollars out of nowhere to pay for an infrastructure account that has absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency. But a provision related to the cryptocurrency froze the account for three or four days. The whole world talked about bitcoin and the crypto industry. It’s a kind of irony.”

The Wolf of all streets podcast host noted that the infrastructure bill still needs to pass the House and be signed into law. “This will not happen until 2023. So here we are talking about a very long time horizon for each event.”

Another positive factor affecting crypto Sundays is the possibility

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