Will Verasity's Proof of View Revolutionize the NFT Market?

NFTs are jumping into the basket of all the rage and more buffs around cryptocurrency circles. The buzz about non-replaceable tokens goes hand in hand with rapid technological advances that make the concept more sustainable. Verasity can revolutionize the developing NFT market with Proof-of-View technology. Verasity's mission is to increase the advertising revenue that creators can earn when their videos are viewed on video sharing platforms. It is almost impossible to ignore the rise of NFTs in cryptocurrency circles due to the mind-boggling numbers and statistics they created in a short time. Last month, Beeple's work was sold for $ 69 million in NFT. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, on the other hand, sold his first tweet as NFT for $ 2 million. While thousands of NFT enthusiasts are fueling the craze, new technology is also being developed to improve the concept and make it more sustainable. One such technology is Verasity's Proof-of-View protocol layer, which has the potential to revolutionize the entire NFT ecosystem. published on video sharing sites. With the innovative Proof of View technology, Verasity ensures that every view on the platform is verifiable by the community and becomes an immutable public record. Verasity's proprietary Proof of Tracking technology reduces the number of false views and ensures that all data and statistics related to the video are accurate and verifiable. Taking advantage of this innovation for NFTs, potential buyers can determine the true value of an NFT through transparent measurements provided by Proof-of-View. The proof of view is based on ERC-777, a new blockchain token standard from the Ethereum network, backwards compatible with ERC-20. Veracity's choice to use ERC-77 Read more

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