Will Crypto Rivals Overtake Bitcoin? The truth about BTC's dominance according to Michael Saylor is

MicroStrategy CEO and Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor explains whether other digital assets have a chance to usurp BTC as the most dominant cryptocurrency. Saylor said in a CNN interview that there has never been an asset in history that has grown in size and failed. The billionaire adds that Bitcoin is more dominant in its field today than the world's biggest tech unicorns before coming to the fore. "A network that has reached hundreds of billions of dollars has no historical precedent to fail, fifty times larger than its second best competition. You could have predicted that Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, which already dominate their markets, will be successful in 2010, but they have a decade ahead of them. Today, Bitcoin is more dominant than all these companies when they started. Saylor also believes that Bitcoin's core technology and architecture gives it an unrivaled advantage over any other crypto or financial product. then you need something healthy.and that sound starts with thermodynamic sound.The proof-of-work architecture is by far the best architecture to design something that is decentralized, secure, and maintains integrity for a long time … Bitcoin is the dominant crypto-asset network and a long-lasting asset. if you want, it will take a hundred years, you must completely decentralize it and create it without permission, and also thermodynamics You must anchor in the firmament of the earth. Because it uses energy, it is embedded in the reality of the laws of nature and also provides political support because in reality there are facilities in the political jurisdictions supported by these governments. Saylor caught attention when he led INI earlier this week.

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