Will Cardano be summer?

Cardano blooms. Just two weeks ago, the Cardano blockchain token ADA reached its all-time high of $ 2.50. A big confusion due to the drop in bitcoin price dropped ADA to one dollar. However, a strong bullish raises the price to $ 1.80, and in a few weeks there will no doubt be a lot of interest and investment ahead, thanks to smart contracts with the Alonso hard fork update. For Cardano. Smart Contracts Prospects continue to rise as the long-awaited launch of the Cardano ecosystem approaches. Smart contracts on the mainnet are approaching, and the Alonso hard fork will be where everything is, according to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. He states that Cardano will soon launch the Pioneer Test network. This will take about four to six weeks, followed by a "feature freeze" at the end of June. During this freeze period, a hard fork will occur and as a result, smart contracts can be enabled for the main network. Hoskinson also announced that Cardano has launched the Plutus Pioneer program, which will train more than 1,000 developers to write decentralized applications (dApps) using the Plutus scripting language. The ERC-20 converter approaches the Cardano ERC-20 converter test network. This allows developers on Ethereum to easily transfer their projects to Cardano and use ERC-20 tokens and save cost, among other benefits. According to YouTube influencer and crypto analyst Lark Davis, “I think you will see many projects rushing to integrate with Cardano, as we've seen projects rushing to integrate with Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. Institutional Interest Davis also argues and believes that institutions are starting to look beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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