Will Bitcoin Miami Conference Be a Catalyst for Recovery?

The market needs a boost, that's for sure. Fortunately, the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami is just around the corner. Is this enough to wake the sleeping giant? may be. It can be now. Still, it will definitely boost morale and give the community experience and experience to gather. And that's what will take us to the next level. In any case, Jeff Ross of Vailshire Capital gives us a technical analysis of the historic moment we are facing. #Bitcoin technical update: Decision day is coming. A breakout to the upside or downside at a higher expected volume. Macro: Taurus News: Analytics On Neutral Chain: Bull View: Will @TheBitcoinConf Provide Momentum Shifting Catalyst? Is this again from mid 2013? pic.twitter.com/E065dqEAgY — Dr. Jeff Ross (@VailshireCap) June 2, 2021 Ross "still not committing" according to forecasts. The situation continues as Bitcoinist recently told you: we are in the middle of it. It will all make sense in retrospect, but right now no one has the perspective to see the whole picture. Related literature | Binance Burns Breaks $600 Million BNB Record in Q15 New Addition to Bitcoin Miami Lineup Organizers, Bitcoin Magazine and the company dropped a big bombshell yesterday. While the event was largely sold out, they announced they were interviewing Ross Ulbricht, the only survivor from prison. Horrible Pirate Roberts himself is the creator and protagonist behind the legendary Silk Road marketplace on the Darknet. Hate or love it, it's an important part of Bitcoin history. In a shocking decision that is still controversial, Ulbricht was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 40 years in prison. Wow. It will definitely be interesting to hear what this man has to say. What else can we see from Bitcoin 2021? Most importantly, there will be a YouTube Live Stream. This is the first day connection and this is the second. Other than that, Bitcoinists already give you two sp

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