Why Progressives Should Keep Bitcoin: Open Letter To Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Dear Senator Warren: Bitcoin is not being fed by a” shadowy, faceless bunch of Super-coders.” In fact, it’s a hope for people all over the world.
Senator Warren.,
I’m a fan. I think you’re very smart and you really care about building a fairer society.
But with all due respect, when you talk about bitcoin, you talk stupid.
Bitcoin is not being fed by a” shadowy, faceless bunch of Super-coders.” It’s not a “scam”, it’s not “fake digital private money”, it’s not “too opaque” and it’s not created to ” help criminals.”
By contrast, Bitcoin is the most democratized form of money ever created. No one owns and controls Bitcoin, and anyone can participate in it.
Bitcoin is a monetary instrument that does not need confidence so that governments do not overestimate the value of money, or rely on banks to remain solvent. Bitcoin was founded in 2008, in the midst of a global financial crisis, by a person or person under the pseudonym satoshi Nakamoto. Making Bitcoin was a noble enterprise. Satoshi-one of the richest people in the world, and yet Bitcoin Satoshi remains intact (and not spent). We know this because bitcoin is running on an open source blockchain. Each transaction is recorded in a public, transparent, decentralized ledger.
Bitcoin adoption, measured by the number of people who own bitcoin, is growing faster than internet adoption. However, the commercialization of the internet was the ultimate insider game. Wealthy white men, VCs and beloved institutional investors arrived early. Rather, since its birth, bitcoin has been available to anyone with a mobile phone.
Eleven years ago, the cryptocurrency market did not exist. Today, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency Sunday exceeds $ 2 trillion. This incredible wealth has benefited individuals, not institutions, especially banks and those without voting rights. It’s a beautiful progressive story.
Your constituents own bitcoins. A new Harris Poll study found that 30% of blacks and 27% of Hispanics

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