Why Litecoin Could Finally Capitalize on Bitcoin's Success

Litecoin as digital silver alongside Bitcoin's burgeoning digital gold story has been as successful as silver hitting new highs during the gold rally. Strangely enough, their digital and physical counterparts lagged behind their more valuable siblings. But that may soon change, and Litecoin may eventually benefit from Bitcoin's success. Therefore. A Rising Wave Is Lifting All Boats But Litecoin Continues To Drown The cryptocurrency market looks very different than it did in the past. One of the main reasons for this is that Litecoin is no longer in the top ten by market cap. XRP fell from third place due to problems with the SEC in the United States, so a whole new kind of dominates the industry alongside Ethereum and Bitcoin. Related literature | Money in Memes: Dogecoin and Funny NFTs Going Viral But Litecoin may have crashed and not finished, and could only capitalize on Bitcoin's runaway success, according to one analyst. According to his tweets, LTC is better suited for smaller transactions and offers Lightning Network channels to keep costs to a minimum. Both are the main reasons the altcoin can benefit from BTC. But there is much more. An Adam and Eve Dip Could Send Litecoin Higher | Source: LTCUSD on TradingView.com Why LTC Is Preparing For A Reversal Against Bitcoin The reasons outlined above are definitely factors related to its success which can also be reflected in Bitcoin and Litecoin. Litecoin originated from the Bitcoin Core code. Like Bitcoin, there is a scarce supply of just 84 million LTC, or four times that of BTC. Among its many similarities, it relies on Scrypt rather than SHA256 for mining; this could be a differentiator that allows Litecoin to not only perform well thanks to Bitcoin, but also outperform the top cryptocurrency. Related literature | How Elon Musk Is Weakening The Bitcoin Hedge Story, Scrypt May Perform Well As It Is The Same Hashing Algorithm

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