Why Did This Popular Crypto Analyst Bought 1 Million ADA?

Cardano (ADA) developer IOG has launched the first testnet for its smart contract platform "Alonzo Blue". The first phase of the roadmap will be completed around September with the full implementation of smart contract features for the platform. Cardano's evolution did not go unnoticed. Popular crypto analyst Ben Armstrong recently announced 1,000,000 shares of ADA, which he bought when the price of this cryptocurrency was below $0.15. The analyst was impressed by their scientific approach and clear stages of development. This practice has continued to the present day. IOG has listed all the steps to be taken with Alonzo and the use of smart contracts. Cardano's inventor, Charles Hoskinson, said this method takes more time to complete, but reduces errors and gives a better result. End users will benefit most. Armstrong said: “The roadmaps were meticulously planned to accommodate any corner case and to keep errors to a minimum. Even on their website they describe Cardano as peer-reviewed and evidence-based. This laser focus means Cardano is poised to be a sleek, high-performance machine ready to take the lead over its competitors. He added that Hoskinson and Cardano's vision to create a decentralized platform for government and corporate use with many real-world cases is another reason to be optimistic about the project. According to Armstrong, Cardano is trying to be more than a platform for processing transactions. Cardano wants to help second and third world countries break out of poverty and heal their people. Many of the reasons countries like Colombia or Botswana struggle are because they don't have the infrastructure to protect people's property. ADA Price Prediction, Impending Parabolic Move? With the first testnet up and running for Alonzo, and with IOG's recent partnerships, Armstrong expects ADA to quadruple in price. At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $1.69 and has been one of the most flexible cryptocurrencies recently.

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