Why Bitcoin price will break $ 60,000 will remain parabolic in 2021

As the previous half-cycles and the underlying nature of bitcoin show, the price of BTC will break $ 60,000 and become parabolic in 2021. Bitcoin's price has been consolidating for two months, and the chain analysis and historical precedent is a bull cage less than $ 60,000 ready for the next phase of Bitcoin's parabolic price surge. Halving Cycle Dynamics: The Three Phases of a Resource Cycle Many are familiar with the correlation between Bitcoin stock issuance and price action, but going deeper can provide a context for where bitcoin is in the current cycle and what future price action may involve. . Bitcoin's previous two bullish implementations provide a very interesting picture of the interplay of the protocol's inflexible bidding timing and the price action of the monetary asset. To provide context, the Bitcoin network publishes a new offer in each block according to a predetermined schedule, reducing the amount of bitcoins spent by the protocol every 210,000 blocks or approximately every four years (as blocks arrive in an average of 10 minutes). Stage One: Parabolic Progression (First 70,000 Blocks After the Halving) Bitcoin miners can be considered the most optimistic market players because even before buying a bitcoin significant capital expenditures are required, followed by operational costs associated with the energy they will have. be exploited . As a result, miners hold as many bitcoins as possible and usually only sell the minimum amount to cover costs. Immediately after a halving event, Bitcoin's new share issue is reduced by 50%, putting downward pressure on inefficient mining operations and must be closed as revenues have dropped around 50%. in one night. This elimination of inefficient mining operations causes a temporary drop in the hash rate of the network, leaving only efficient mining operations with low-cost power resources and / or next-generation ASICs that will extract blocks. With inef

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