Which charities are taking a stake in the cryptocurrency auction?

Tuesday July 27, 2007 Held

Soon the NFT STARS platform will host one of the most high-profile auctions in NFT history. The legendary painting “crypto matter “and the collection” blockchain art ” are finally on sale. This masterpiece caught the attention of Vitalik Buterin, one of the most influential people in the blockchain Sunday, which made it even more valuable. The painting is being sold at auction on the NFT STARS platform, with some of the funds being transferred to charity. This NFT masterpiece is currently worth millions of dollars, and many crypto investors already have a desire to compete for it at auction.

This will be a big event for the entire nft art Sunday and the NFT STARS team. The photo of” crypto material “has been dubbed the” crypto Mona Lisa”, which has received great acclaim over the years. Add in Vitalik Buterin’s unexpected signature and all the signs indicate that it is time to auction the painting and present it to the public for viewing and admiration. Some of the profits will go to charity.

The photo has an interesting background and cannot be bought for a long time. Some millionaires were willing to give fantastic amounts of money to the nft, with one from the United States offering $ 6 million for it, but the owner did not sell it for ideological reasons.

The media has already received a list of charities that will receive some of the proceeds from the NFT auction. Some of this will be transferred to medical and environmental funds, and some will support crypto developers. Each organization receives 1% of its revenue.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is one of the largest independent international environmental organizations. There are more than 5 million people from 100 countries. The WWF Foundation has been fighting to protect biodiversity on earth for 27 years.

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