• Where Will Chipotle Be in 1 Year?

    The fast-casual restaurant chain made adjustments to counter in-person dining restrictions, and those are likely to pay dividends long-term.

    Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) handled the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic well in 2020. When it realized it would need to shut down in-person dining, it quickly shifted focus to meal delivery and online ordering. The adaptation mitigated some of the losses from in-person dining, and investors rewarded the company by bidding up its share price. 

    The new year will bring new challenges, and Chipotle will need to adapt once again to the changing scenario. Importantly, it will be prudent if it prepares for multiple scenarios, as it is yet unknown when it will be able to operate without coronavirus-related constraints. Whether it’s in-person or at home, Chipotle will try to get as many people as possible to consume its products over the next year. Here’s why shareholders and potential investors can expect Chipotle to bring in more revenue one year from now. 

    Image source: Getty Images.

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