Where does Moonbeam go? Situation overview

Moonbeam is a blockchain project built in January 2020 to address interoperability challenges between chains, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachute in Polkadot. For those unfamiliar with Polkadot, this is a multi-blockchain platform where projects can have their own blockchains designed to meet their specific needs rather than using a common blockchain that's not all they need. need. Polkadot network, Acala Network, Kilt, etc. Includes various projects such as. One of them is the Moonbeam network. What Moonbeam Moonbeam was created to address interoperability issues by simplifying and simplifying the deployment of applications in the Polkadot network. Typically designed for developers who can now use the same tools they are used to in Ethereum to develop applications on the Polkadot network, allowing Dapps in Ethereum to be rebuilt on Moonbeam, making these applications interoperable. Chain. Moonbeam blockchain has a full EVM implementation; This means that all Dapps and smart contracts on Ethereum can be deployed to the Moonbeam network with little or no change. It also has other capabilities such as publishing, subscribing, and compatibility with Ethereum addresses. All of this allows developers to migrate existing Dapp interfaces and Solidity smart contracts with minor changes directly to Moonbeam. As a Parachain in the Polkadot network, Moonbeam has shared security. Also, once the network enables this feature, it will have the ability to integrate with other blockchains in the network. Moonbeam offers Solidity developers a better user experience when building on Polkadot. Like tools, languages are similar. You don't need to get a new address, new account or new signature, as you can use your existing Ethereum H160 accounts and ECDSA signatures to communicate with Moonbeam. Moonbeam connects Polkadot and Ethereum as a platform

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