When you set your aspirations on this principle, money comes alone and in heaps

What is the key to entrepreneurship? Before answering this question I introduce myself: They know me as Don Koenigsegg ; In addition to being present in social networks, I have a degree in Business Administration, businessman and entrepreneur; I created my first business at age 15 and had endless successes as well as failures. At the age of 17 I had three very successful companies , I reached financial freedom before I reached the age of majority, however, I was doing business for profit and something always ended badly, I closed them due to lack of interest, carelessness or fraud from third parties.
That’s when I understood everything: I had to do something that generated passion in me, that I did with pleasure, that excited me every time I did it, not only to find something that would generate money; I really got used to the idea that whoever only pursues the monetary, never reaches it. I understood that a business should focus on changing lives, making a difference, satisfying a need and contributing to people’s daily lives.
When you set your business aspirations on that, the money comes alone and in piles . It was when I realized that the lack of passion is one of the main problems when wanting to undertake. But what is passion? For me, it is one of the most intense emotions I have ever experienced, which encompasses the enthusiasm and incessant desire to achieve a goal, a feeling that leads you to seek many paths and results, one of them may be a business objective.
Now, the real question is, how do you find passion, that drive necessary to create a business that takes away the dream of emotion? First, you have to be aware of your capabilities, analyze what is the best of you that you can offer the world, identify what you do better than anyone else, that generates so much passion that you would do it without being paid. As Apple CEO Tim Cook put it : “If you do what you love, you won’t work a single day of your life. You will work harder than you thought possible, but the tools will feel very light in your hands. "
To know more: 6 tips before starting a business to start a successful business Realizing this was a great revelation for me: Following our passions and finding your business opportunity for you will at some point result in harmony with our financial aspirations, personal goals, and job pressures.
One of my favorite examples of entrepreneurship is when, in 1956, Candido Jacuzzi invented a hydraulic pump that could be submerged in a tub to give hydrotherapy treatments to his son, who had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi decided to take the project further as he saw its commercial potential and proposed adding nozzles integrated into the architecture of the bathtub, creating the Jacuzzi as we know it.
That is what I want to get to. The Jacuzzi family found a problem that directly affected them, the need to solve it generated an inordinate passion until they managed to solve it and later, they found a business opportunity; Thanks to his invention millions of people had a better quality of life.
So when I changed my mindset that I lacked passion, it changed my reality, my businesses prospered in ways I didn’t think possible. Throughout my life, after understanding certain things, I noticed that many people, including friends and family, came to me to ask for advice; they all told me the same thing: "Whenever I apply what you tell me, I do better." At that moment I saw clearly, and I said to myself "Who better to guide than someone who has already failed a thousand times, to help someone else not make the same mistake?"
To know more: 50 signs that you are an entrepreneur It was when I found in helping others, one more passion in my life that curiously I combined with another: Motoring. At the same time that I had discovered this new passion to support others and was developing a plan to turn it into a business, I had a car accident that went viral and became international news in a few hours.
Out of curiosity, people began to follow me on social networks and I wanted to die because of the amount of news about the accident and my lack of experience of how to deal psychologically with the trauma and the attention; That’s when I asked myself: Could this be the way I could help someone? Under this question, I decided to expose my reality to the followers and I managed to connect that vulnerability with the people attracted by the scandal and more people who wanted to continue my journey began to join.
From the tragedy, I found a niche of opportunity to help many people, with the most important thing today: knowledge. I realized that most of the people present on social networks did not contribute anything positive and were showing an aspirational lifestyle practically impossible to achieve, in a certain way many creators abused the faith that those people deposited in them as a public figure.
I knew I had to make this knowledge accessible and I’m not just talking about money; I decided to question my audience, know and understand them. He wanted to observe their needs and see how he could make a positive impact on their lives, just as he had done with so many friends and acquaintances.
To know more: Tips to be respected in your work Out of nowhere, my followers began to ask questions about business, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and I decided to turn social networks into a tool to transmit my experiences and as a result, they shared the results they had obtained thanks to my advice.
The fact of verifying that social networks could be used for something positive motivated me a lot, since I was always interested in how currently human beings obtain behaviors derived from our activity in the various networks. Therefore, thanks to my years of experience and studies, I developed a synthesis of my life as an entrepreneur, with the necessary tools to encourage all those who want to start their businesses and I decided to project them in a workbook , based on administrative knowledge that can serve as a basis. For someone interested in entrepreneurship, heeding the slogan that experiences go beyond institutions and that many times, the best school is our own mistakes.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/380331

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