When influencers and cryptographers meet: the growth of the coin-operated attention economy

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From 2010, influencers on social media showed how entrepreneurs can be born at night, taking advantage of access opportunities through YouTube, Instagram and other online platforms. In many ways, these social media experts have provoked the first wave of the democratization of the internet. Gone are the days when famous celebrities were the only people with a voice and platform.

As Facebook Instagram users began to break down the existing information monopoly on online news and content, we saw the growth of a new generation of millionaires who completely ruled their careers on their own terms. The APR on social media has emerged as a profession and a new niche in the APR of journalism. Anyone could be the next Anderson Cooper or Kim Kardashian. The spectrum of personalities and APR specialties that viewers can find is virtually unlimited.

This new media landscape has a lot to do with the crypto industry. Essentially, this is the same story about people taking technology into their own hands to undermine the mainstream dead grip that a group of minorities have over the majority.

In the latest iteration of the attention economy, the cryptocurrency is merging with the social media domain. Fan tokens take the economy of attention-based social influencers to a higher level because any movement that started as a way to circumvent and avoid old media fits perfectly into a system that started as a way to circumvent and avoid old economic structures. Cryptography has changed the world economy, and this new form of support and fan funding driven by blockchain solutions is poised to drastically change the new media landscape.

Increased crypto influence

A quick search on Twitter, TikTok or YouTube promises an almost endless stream of crypto-related influencers to decipher digital assets for the masses and MoS

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