What’s new in cryptography: the three most impressive events of the past month

A lot happened in the crypto world last month. There have been many changes that can make the average investor wonder what’s going on and why. Although navigation is difficult, here in Bitcoinist we managed to limit these events to the three most important people.

London Hardfork
The proposal to improve Ethereum 1559, or EIP-1559 for short, was the eleventh fork of the ethereum blockchain’s performance. Past updates have changed the way the blockchain is suppressed, but not like EIP-1559.

Gas prices have been plaguing Ethereum for some time, and as a result many do not want to use the blockchain. EIP-1559 was designed to solve this problem, and so far this has been the case.

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EIP-1559 replaced the miners with algorithms. In short, this basically means that transaction prices will be much cheaper. In October, eth will gain value as gas charges are burned rather than delivered to miners. As a result, Block 12 965 263 is marked by the first ETH deflationary block in the ETH blockchain.

Unalterable tokens (NFTs) are the latest craze in the crypto world, and more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. More specifically, digital art is advancing. NFTS have different functions, but one particular aspect of digital art is what most people find most attractive in NFT.

While this may seem like an odd way to invest, it turns out to be incredibly profitable for some. The platform, named OpenSea, is one of the most popular trading platforms for NFT on the ETHEREUM blockchain. Big celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Jake Paul, Paris Hilton, Eminem and others are taking advantage of similar platforms to buy, sell, build and trade NFTS.

Reading / understanding the recent hype around the NFT

There is really no end to the number and style of artwork displayed on these platforms. Often works of art are” forged ” in collections, and this is the owners in Colle

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