What is this cryptographic system? – August 16-Gypsycoin, Walmart, ETH 2.0, BTC nodes, Solana, Cardano, Samsung, time, Coinbase, Polygon

Today’s top 10 stories: 

Solana has been in the top 10 coins by market capitalization for some time, reaching a new record high of $ 64.48, which is + 40% over the past 24 hours.  
September 25-26, Cardano announced smart contracts to be held on September 12, ahead of the largest corporate summit Dec. 
Walmart has announced it is looking for a leading product for the cryptocurrency. 
On the Ethereum 2.0 platform, rates rose to ETH 7 million, making it $ 21.7 billion. 
Samsung will make South Korean CBDCs available on its smartphones thanks to its participation in the government’s pilot program. 
TIME magazine works with cool cats, meaning they do 400 NFT together. 
The number of nodes in the Bitcoin Lightning Network has increased from 7.5 thousand to more than 14 thousand since last year. 
Mr Whale said thousands of Coinbase users failed to get their money last weekend 
It was the first “merger” of tokens: Polygon acquired Hermez as part of a $ 250 million deal.  
The Romanian “King of Rome” launched Gypsycoin. 


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