What happened to Vitalik Shiba Inu’s $ 1 billion donation to the crypto Relief Fund?

When the second wave of Covid devastation in India led to an extreme lack of health services and hospital infrastructure, the crypto community sought help. Indian crypto entrepreneur and co-founder of Ethereum, NIS (formerly Plus), a second-level scaling solution, Sandeep Niall, has launched the crypto-covid charity fund. The temple was erected in April and received great international support with the most significant donation by Ethereum’s own co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

I can’t stand it anymore, I will be running a campaign to help covid instead of what happened in India.

I need help from the global crypto community.

I take full responsibility for transparency, fund use and regulatory compliance

If you want to make a donation.. 1 / n

I have a question about this article.

To attract attention, Buterin donated 50 trillion Shiba Inu coins from their wallets, which were passed on by the creators of the Shiba Inu during the launch of the meme coin. At Buterin’s donation, the total value of the donated token meme was about $ 1 billion. However, the price has since fallen by more than 50% and Buterin’s endowment value has fallen to $ 400 million.

Thank you for organizing this @sandeepnailwal and thank you for pointing out this @balajis!https://t.co/2PBOQKYuZqhttps://t.co/uOzQ15sZnL

vitaliketh (@VitalikButerin)April 24, 2021

Several other sports celebrities, including Brett Lee and Patt Cummins, have also donated to the cryptocurrency Foundation.

80% of relief fund liquidated
The Relief Fund faced a number of hurdles due to uncertainty in regulation and India’s law regulating foreign contributions. Producers had to liquidate tokens, first denominated in US dollars and then in Indian rupees. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Neilwall reported that about 80% of the funds are now liquidated.

A total of $ 20 million was donated to the aid of Covid and anothe

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