What Could the Last Leg in the Crypto Bull Market Look Like?

Cryptoassets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken a hit since the local highs in April, raising the question of whether the once-strong bull market is over. If not, a fractal discovered in the past market cycle and making up this time could provide a roadmap for the final step out of the current bull market. This is what it looks like if the trajectory is followed and the fractal is true. Boom & Bust: Bitcoin, Market Cycles, Halving, and More All markets are cyclical and cryptocurrencies are no different, though much faster. The always-on side of crypto also has a much faster fluctuating emotion phase. Gold, for example, took about a decade of accumulation before entering another bull run, while Bitcoin tends to cycle every four years to coincide with the block reward halving. Related literature | Bitcoin Domination Declining Over the Years, Altcoin Season Is Here at End As the leading cryptocurrency by market cap ages, market cycles seem to be getting longer. But for altcoins, they move at the same speed, if not faster. This may be why Bitcoin is on the decline while altcoins are still super hot. The reason is, regardless of the rising altcoins or Bitcoin bottoming out here, the overall market cap chart shows one more leg to come. Fractal Found: What the Last Foot in Crypto Looks Like A fractal in the total market cap of the cryptocurrency mimics a faster and sharper parabolic rise compared to the last market cycle. The recent slump took the sentiment down strongly and one wonders if he's in the top, but if there's one more leg and it matches the fractal, it will be far more painful to shake now than any crash. Is Bitcoin following a similar fractal as 2017? | Source: CRYPTOCAP-TOTAL at TradingView.com What the fractal is proposing is an increase of $9 to $10 trillion in all assets. The lion's share will still originate from Bitcoin

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