What are decentralized applications? Understanding applications with PhoenixDAO

One of the best use cases of Blockchain and decentralized finance is decentralized applications. dApps has improved significantly and is now more reliable, safe, smooth and feature-rich than ever before. These applications are built on a blockchain network, such as the Ethereum network, and replace traditional applications with advanced functionality.

dApps is a major source of revenue for Daos and independent platforms such as PhoenixDAO. PhoenixDAO is a decentralized, community-managed, open source project designed to be a Defi-enabled ecosystem that offers a fully equipped DApps store with a variety of features. 

What are decentralized applications?
Decentralized applications are digital programs that run on a BLOCKCHAIN or P2P network instead of a single device. Unlike centralized applications, dApps applications are not controlled by a single organization. Instead, they operate in a public, decentralized, open-source environment free from interference and supervision by a single organization. 

DApps has internal decodes that run on decentralized peer-to-peer networks, which can also have front-end codes. Some of the DApp features are as follows,

Decentralized: DApps applications are independent and do not belong to a company or organization, unlike centralized applications.
Determinism: these applications operate as they are designed to operate independently of the environment in which they operate.
Turing complete: dApps is equipped with all the necessary tools and only needs specific tools to work.
Isolated: dApps can operate in any virtual environment and does not block the operation of the blockchain network. 
Smart contracts: offline full functions based on encrypted parameters. 

dApps is secure and reliable and can be integrated with a variety of third-party resources. dApps often use cryptocurrencies for transactions belonging to their ecosystem, but they can also operate in free or Fiat currencies. Some of DApps ‘ benefits include:

Zero downtime: after deployment on DApps blockchain

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