Weekly Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin, DeFi, Altcoins, Technology, Business, Regulation and NFT. Here is everything that happened last week

There were several major announcements in the crypto space last week. It started with Ethereum and reached an all-time high until Nexon announced its purchase of $ 100 million worth of Bitcoin. Tokyo-based video game maker Bitcoin Nexon announced that it has purchased $ 100 million worth of bitcoin. Buying about 1,717 bitcoins, it became the first Japanese company to add Bitcoin to its treasury. Litecoin Founder and CEO Charlie Lee said, “Litecoin Vs. Bitcoin Debate ”. Lee said he sees Litecoin as an alternative to Bitcoin, not a competitor. In an interview with CNBC, he said that investors should think of Bitcoin as digital gold and Litecoin as digital currency. Gemini cryptocurrency platform has also announced a partnership with Mastercard and WebBank. The partnership will focus on the launch of the world's first crypto award-winning credit card. The company said in a statement that DeFi Beyond Finance users can now trade a number of synthetic assets such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, and Google. They can also trade with currencies, commodities, and other major cryptocurrencies. ShapeShift also made a big announcement this week and announced that it is enabling cross-chain swaps through Ethereum and THORChain-based DEX trading. As a result, shapeShift has now become the first cryptocurrency exchange to allow BTC and ETH transactions in a hardware wallet. Altcoins IOTA announced that the highly anticipated Chrysalis Network is officially live. The network will now focus on the goal of full decentralization with Coordicide. The Solana Foundation will hold a hackathon focusing on Web3, DeFi and NFT solutions. The award is valued at $ 1 million and includes initial capital. Technology Storj DCS tweeted that it records a staggering number of connections in the decentralized storage tier. Released on April 20, Storage Layer is designed to help developers, DevOps, and professionals transition.

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