“We are creating new rules for Kriptorynka” – Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of kick ecosystem

Celebrating its first anniversary, cryptocurrency Exchange kickex is among the Sixties and seventies deciders of the most popular trading platform, according to CoinMarketCap. During this time, the platform decimated from a simple start-up to a productive ecosystem, bringing together more than ten products and expanding continuously. We spoke with Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of Kick ecosystem, to learn more about the company’s success and future plans and to discuss the current situation in the cryptocurrency Sunday.

Question: anti, your stock market is new to the market, but it’s already in the top 100. Not every crypto exchange manages to make such a leap. What’s your secret? Tell us about your strategy.

Answer: all we do is produce a quality product. KickEX started two years before its launch, unlike most other “exchanges” set up on the spot, with no specific planning, no understanding of how the market works and what traders need. So we have a strong foundation that can be built easily and methodically after launch, and that’s exactly what we’re working on. Our architecture is built on micro-services that allow you to design the product in any direction and offer opportunities that other exchanges do not yet have. Almost all other exchanges operate according to a monolithic structure, where every exchange requires weeks, if not months, or even years of development. For example, while it would only take a few hours for us to add new tokens, it would take a few months for most of our competitors, who felt they could not even support tokens with any special savings. That was the initial plan-to invest more time, money and resources in the development phase so that we could grow quickly after the launch, what is happening now.

Question: exchange tokens have made a real splash this year. Some have raised prices more than 10 times. I know that your platform is also on its own

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