Watch Jack Mullers Send $ 10″ Free, Instant, Irreversible ” To Nigeria

We can witness the “history of money,” as Jack Mullers claims. Strike CEO contacted African app Bitnob and sent $ 10 to Nigeria. Because Bitnob was connected to the Nigerian banking system, money could easily be found in Naria (NGN). It is worth noting that Strike and Bitnob do not have commercial relationships, their practices are compatible, because they both use the lightning Network as rails to carry money. That is the power of the Open Money Network that bitcoin gives the world.

The Lightning Network at @ bitnob_official now has free, instant, non-reciprocal transfers to and from the United States, Nigeria and Ghana of any size.

The $ 10 in my US bank account became a one-time NGN for @bernard_parah within seconds.

History of money.

Jack Mullers (@jackmallers), August 19, 2021

For weeks, Nigeria has been the focus of bitcoin news. The country reportedly transferred $ 24.87 million in bitcoins in the first three weeks of August, as transfers on traditional channels fell to $ 6 billion. Nigeria recently became the second largest bitcoin P2P Sunday on Paxful. If explain: 

Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful, said that cross-border liquidity issues have contributed to BTC’s success in Nigeria: “Africa’s largest economy has challenges and restrictions on sending and receiving money both within and outside its borders.”

Reading on the subject / Jack Mullers discusses bitcoin’s core problems, how BTC will affect the future of payments

And now both Nigeria and Ghana can receive “free, instant, irreversible transfers to and from the United States of America of any size.” Boom! Bitcoin is winning again.

BTC-price chart for 21.08.2011 Cexio / source: BTC / USD in
Is This Deal As Important As Jack Mullers Thinks?
On its Bitnob website, the company claims its mission is to “facilitate the connection of any African and African company to the bitcoin blockchain.””Looks like T’s connection

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