Wat zu kunnen’s Foley Cardano’s hir – Bull setting by Benjamin Cowan, the cryptanalyst of the wolgens

Benjamin Cowan, a closely watched trader and crypto analyst, says he sees a threat that could hamper Cardano’s (ADA) upward trend.

In the new strategy session, Cowan tells his 497,000 YouTube subscribers that the island’s upward trend continues to pick up as the third-largest cryptocurrency hits a new record high of $ 2.58.

“At this point, I think most of the hype is due to two things. Number one-smart contracts start in a few weeks. It’s a trick. I think there’s a lot of hype about it. Second, bitcoin has been [the simple moving average] for more than 20 weeks and moving sideways. For hell, the least way to resist is to go up.” 

According to Cowen, the next price boom for Cardano depends on bitcoin’s (BTC) ability to stay above a significant level.

“The only thing you need to get sick of right now is if you want to see hell break by saying a $ 3 sign, a $ 4 sign, what do you want it to be? What you want to see is that you want bitcoin to hang out a bit. Let bitcoin cool over 20 weeks [simple moving average]. If we achieve this, there will be minimal resistance to hell.”

Crypto strategist says both ADA and BTC see a threat that could potentially disrupt bullish rallies.

“To understand what Ada is doing, you need to see what Bitcoin is doing. To better understand what bitcoin is doing, you need to look at the US dollar. And the only reason, the only reason to be a little cautious, is that I can say that the dollar is trying to explode…

If you want the cryptocurrency to move up, you want it to be what you want the dollar to fall again. So if the dollar retreats, you will see that people will continue to speculate on crypto…”

Cowan also says he looks at the dollar like a hawk.Bitcoin will be hard to reach an all-time high as the US dollar spirals out of control, according to a crypto analyst.


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