Wat – “stoner cats”, de NFT series, met Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and others… Vitalik?

There are many ways to watch TV these days. Cable, satellite TV, streaming, YouTube. If you twist the coat hanger on rabbit ears and attach it to your kit, you can get a fuzzy version of PBS.

We can add one more to this list: NFS, blockchain-based tokens that act as a document about ownership of other assets.

Instead of paying for a Netflix subscription, buy tokens and use them later pumped that cannot be changed cats Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda and where to watch a short cartoon about cat Buterin ethereu you can use my creator Vitalik.

The above sentence was not written while smoking marijuana. In fact, it’s the high concept of the upcoming “Stoner cats,” a short animated series that goes straight to the NFT. 

NFT production company Mark Cuban Raises $ 4 million, led by Ashton Kutcher
Created by the animation team of Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole and Ash Brannon and developed by the Mila Kunis company “Orchard Farm Productions”, the series follows five pet cats whose owner (voiced by Jane Fonda) inhales medical marijuana.

Entertainment follows how cats feel and explore their growing world.

In addition to Kunis and Kutcher,” Griffin ” creator Seth Mcfarlane and comedian Chris Rock voice cats, while Vitalik Buterin plays the role of the toy cat. (Please don’t joke about dead cat jumps about the recent Ethereum price move.)

According to creators, nft is a way for fans to “work directly with the content they want to watch and be part of the content creation process.” Moreover, according to the project, ” the money goes directly to the people behind the show.” 

Sell enough and they will shoot more episodes-with plans to plunge the Cats “deeper into the Dark Web.

The show not only deals with technological concepts, it also requires viewers to use them. To unlock the first episode, you need to buy NFT with Fefe, Hamilton, Dave, bucks

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