Wanchain's Litecoin Integration Makes LTC Smart Contract Compatible

Blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it. However, to sustain the rapid growth of defi, interoperability across multiple chains is necessary to leverage the liquidity potential of the entire crypto market. Wanchain's blockchain interoperability platform is designed to provide just that: a cross-chain one-stop shop for decentralized financial services by creating integrations with all major blockchain networks. Litecoin Cross-Chain Interoperability Litecoin has become the newest network to connect to this cross-chain infrastructure following an announcement by the Wanchain Foundation. Litecoin's integration further enhances Wanchain interoperability by enabling decentralized cross-chain transactions between isolated networks that currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). One of the longest running cryptocurrencies, Litecoin's integration with Wanchain enables cross-chain LTC transactions and can be used with Ethereum Virtual Machine-enabled smart contracts, extending its usefulness in the defi dApp ecosystem. The addition of Litecoin following the latest cross-chain integration with XRP Ledger demonstrates how Wanchain has successfully opened the decentralized finance world to a growing number of digital asset holders. These guardians, who previously operated in silo blockchains, can now share value and data with the wider field, which is key to mass adoption of blockchain technology. The process works by locking funds on the Litecoin blockchain with the private keys of the account managed by Wanchain nodes. Proxy tokens are issued on Wanchain representing locked LTC. These proxy tokens can then be used across the entire Wanchain ecosystem of connected blockchains, and the tokens can be burned at any time to unlock the original LTC. Wanchain founder Jack Lu said about the integration of Litecoin: "Litecoin,

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