WallStreetBets ready to buy institutions with WBS Crypto 20 ETP

Rocking the GameStop (NYSE: GME) rally on Wall Street, Reddit group WallstreetBets is ready to buy traditional institutional players and hedge funds with the new exchange-traded portfolio (ETP) of some of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. I arranged. Called WBS Crypto 20 ETP, this is a weighted digital asset portfolio similar to index funds in traditional markets. About 6,000 participants voted for WallStreetBets' first crypto ETP. WBS Crypto 20 ETP represents a compilation of crypto assets, but will soon evolve into tokenized versions of stocks like Tesla (TSLA). The ultimate goal is to give users access to both crypto and traditional markets. Currently, 20 selected assets are weighted according to their market value valuations. In addition, a max. For optimum portfolio diversification, a ceiling of 15% and swap fees are 0.2%. WallStreetBets plans to make chain adjustments to complete portfolio building. Investors with $ WBS Governance Tokens can participate. BTCVIX, CEO of WSB DApp, said: “ Initial ETP results demonstrate the combined power of our community's wisdom and combine players like Bitcoin and Etherum with blue DeFi chips and a smaller up-and-coming portfolio that has the potential to improve returns. project. Coins. Going forward, we plan to bring our ETP model to the best exchanges and major brokers and pioneer a new DeFi application with various investors at the center of decision making. Regular rescheduling and asset diagnosis The official press release states that at the time the ETP is launched, owners of a $ WBS branch may continue to vote for portfolio change and asset demonstration. They will also have the right to decide on DAO activities and agricultural production procedures on the Etheruem network or Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets and strategic partner of the WSB DApp project, said the combination of crypto and token.

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