Waarom hedge fund Marshall ways Wil invests in crypto, blockchain and digital activity

After a while, institutions seem to show a new interest in the crypto industry. The Marshall ways hedge fund is currently “planning”to invest in several sectors in the sector, according to a Financial Times (FT) report.

With $ 55 billion in assets under management (AUM), it will be one of the largest businesses to enter the crypto industry, along with Marshall ways, blackrock, Soros Foundation Management and others. The report says the hedge fund will focus on specific areas for its investments.

For example, the group will build a portfolio around blockchain technology, payment systems based on cryptocurrencies, digital finance companies and other digital assets such as stable coins. The hedge fund will focus on projects in the late stages of their development, the Ft reported.

Marshall ways could invest in crypto companies for flotation, report says, protecting them after their stock market debut. The Hedge fund has already trialled this strategy in the healthcare sector in 2021.

Marshall Ways Wants A Stake In The Hard Money Business.
A hedge fund has a particular interest in the stable currencies and infrastructure surrounding these digital assets. The new portfolio will focus on this sector and will be led by Amit Rajpal, Executive Director of Marshall Wace’s Asia division.

The FT claims no specific cash amount has been set for the new portfolio. The Hedge fund is currently discussing the project with potential investors.

Marshall Wace’s interest in stable coins came when they participated in a $ 440 million fundraising round for Circle. In addition to Coinbase, this company is behind the central Consortium, the organization behind dollar money (USDC). October

Recently, this stable coin needs a lot of attention. Research firm Messari believes the USDC expects many of the most stable coins in Ethereum to emerge sooner. The current dominant entity, Tether (USDT), relies more on the TRON network because of lower fees. Research

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