Waarom Bitcoin zal gasp Fiat als, orta Van whitwisseling

The competition will clearly be one-sided as it absorbs everything around the black hole of the value bitcoin absorbs.
Bitcoin was never going to be a store of value … until that happens. It would not become a reserve currency until the point when big companies and investors began converting fiat Treasuries into bitcoin. And the next thing the” experts ” mistakenly suggest is that bitcoin will never be a full-fledged currency, a medium of exchange-but that, too, changes.
This is a bullish view based on wishful thinking, not a bitcoin booster. This is the cold, hard and infallible logic of free market capitalism. But skeptics are right about one thing.

Bitcoin will never be like cash: its ambitions go far beyond Fiat’s capabilities.
With the development of Level 2 technologies, Bitcoin is creating a parallel economy based on dominance and protection of users from the more cynical and intrusive changes we have seen in traditional trading and financial services. Instead of competing with Fiat, bitcoin offers its users a completely different way of thinking about how they like and transfer value. Therefore, there will not be just another means of exchange; this will be the limit.
It answers Bitcoin critics the most, let’s assume that bitcoin critics (half) get it right. It is true that years after its birth, bitcoin is worthless and unusable as a currency. Transactions have been incorporated into the blockchain for too long, making it too cumbersome for most daily purchases.
And if 2. It would have remained that way had it not been for the inevitable development of level infrastructure. We don’t need to go into gory details, but suffice it to say that the inventor of bitcoin fully recognized the birth constraints and predicted the development of protocols such as the Lightning Network and the liquid side chain.
Most users should be aware that the Lightning Network allows microtransactions almost instantly

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