Waar, 1 dolarlık kapıda istikrarlı bir een madeni para mı? Niet meer op Coinbase

Coinbase, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange that works with fintech firm Circle on a stable USDC coin, no longer promises that the USDC is fully backed by the dollar.

The exchange removed the claim from its website because, as it turned out, Circle’s entire reserves were not denominated in US dollars.

Fixed currencies are digital currencies that depend on the price of another asset. Traders can use them to maximize trading flexibility and take advantage of sudden price fluctuations in the stock market without waiting for money transfers to be approved. They can also put their money to work by lending and collecting interest on a range of platforms.

One way to guarantee the Usdc price is to keep $ 1 in reserve for every hard money spent. For the record, it’s just under $ 28 billion. 

“Every USDC is powered by US dollars that are in a bank account,” Coinbase said in an earlier version of its website. It was recently changed to: “every US dollar is secured by a dollar or equivalent fair value asset held in accounts at US-regulated financial institutions.& quot;

The arrangement comes as Circle’s financial disclosures in July show the company holds just 60% of the total USDC amount in cash. About a quarter come from us depository receipts and Treasury securities, while the rest comes from commercial papers and corporate bonds—financial instruments for owning someone else’s debt.

The comeback is similar to what happened with rival stablecoin Tether. For years, this company supported USDT coins in a 1: 1 dollar ratio until it changed tactics-first by modifying its web copy and then by showing statements that a significant portion of the reserves were held in other assets. The latest “guarantee report” shows that almost half of the shares are commercial Securities.

Federal regulators have been working on stable money recently, particularly Tether. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tells Con

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