Vorto Game Verkt Samen Met Golden City Games Dec.

Gold Town Games will be the first studio to use the vorto network and explore the use of in-game NFTS for current and Future Sports Management releases.
Vorto gaming technology will now be used by millions of sports and gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Vorto Gaming has signed an agreement to collaborate with mobile sports games studio Gold Town Games (GTG), thus welcoming the first developer Studio in its portfolio to use the Vorto network platform with the support of the brands ‘ blockchain.

Sports managers for social, competitive and intuitive applications the caller a mobile game developer, GTG, GTG now blockbuster games and game technology platform developed by w3xm will have the potential to bring current and future employees.

The partnership will also allow the developer to add non-interchangeable tokens (NFTS) to various w3xm-affiliated titles and create a Sunday to buy, trade and sell game assets using network technologies.

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Vaivodes, CEO of Vorto Gaming, said::

“We are very excited to see what the partnership with Gold Town Games can do. It is a very experienced and talented studio with tremendous potential that we hope to realize and release using the technologies provided by Vorto gaming.”
The Nft Sunday grew exponentially in 2021, especially in sports games, thanks to a unique trade map that Portuguese footballer and five-time Golden Ball owner Cristiano Ronaldo recently sold for $ 290,000.

 “Sports games play a fundamental role in the gaming landscape and enjoy a worldwide cult following. Our team knows these players better than anyone else, and while blockchain gaming still has some in the gaming community, we are confident that we can help improve the gaming experience and make it more efficient for the end user.”
– Vyvodes added.

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