Vocalist rammstein clashes with Russian museum over ongeautoriseerde NFT verkoop

Till Lindemann, vocalist of the German metal band Rammstein, teased the famous Hermitage in Russia with his crypto venture. The musician is seeking more than a hundred thousand euros for the collection of NFT images and images recorded in a cultural institution. Tokens were created without permission.

German singer till Lindemann sells Russian art without permission
Singer-songwriter Rammstein till Lindemann has put up for sale five unalterable tokens (NFT), the most expensive of which has a price tag of 100 000 euros. The Nftill collection includes a video clip of a performance of the popular Russian patriotic ballad “favorite city,” filmed in May. St. The world-famous museum in St. Petersburg allowed Lindemann to record videos in the Russian Federation as part of Germany starting in August 2020.

However, museum staff do not appreciate Lindemann’s attempt to create the NFT, forklog reports. In a statement on Facebook, The Hermitage stressed that the use of objects labeled “Icon Collection” from the museum’s exhibits and interiors” in the Hermitage Edition “is not and cannot be coordinated with the museum.

He also said he had received a warning that Mr. Lindemann had violated the museum’s licensing policy in connection with the NFT project. So far, no response has been received from the German singer, and the tokens are already on sale online.

The Hermitage also noted that it was one of the first similar institutions in the world to face unfair use of its exhibits in the NFT field. He also made it clear that Mr. Lindemann had personally signed an agreement with the museum, and that his permission to use images and other materials from the Hermitage only applies to the music video.

Source: NFT Frame Art
In July, the museum said it was considering giving NFT for artworks from its rich collections, and

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