Vivaldi 3.7 with major performance improvements released

Vivaldi Technologies released a new stable version of the company’s web browser. Vivaldi 3.7 focuses to a large extent on improving the performance of the browser in several areas. One point of criticism that Vivaldi faced ever since it introduced the browser was that the performance of the web browser was not as good as that of Google Chrome or many other Chromium-based browsers.

Vivaldi 3.7 is already available. It is offered via in-browser updates, which happen automatically on most systems, but also as a direct download from the official Vivaldi website.


Vivaldi 3.7 is the first stable version of the browser that supports Apple’s latest ARM-based M1 processors natively. The new chips give all applications a performance boost, and Vivaldi Technology states that users who run the browser on M1 processor hardware will get two times the performance on Mac devices.

Performance has improved in several other areas. All desktop versions of Vivaldi open tabs (up to) twice as fast as before according to the release notes when compared to Vivaldi 3.6, the previous version of the browser.

Opening of tabs is faster now — facilitating a better user experience and increasing speed up to 2x as fast as the previous version (based on our internal benchmarks*).

Vivaldi itself loads faster as well in version 3.7. The company notes that the browser opens new windows 26% faster on average than before. Mileage may vary depending on the hardware of the machine Vivaldi is run on and the operating system.

Engineers have added other features to the browser, many of the amp up usability in one department or another:

The periodic reload feature is now also available for Web Panels. Web Panels are displayed in the sidebar in the browser when used. Tabs featured the periodic reload option already, automating page refreshes. Ideal for auction sites, news sites, and sites that post new content regularly.
A new tab stack creating option; this one creates tab stacks by host, ideal to put all those pages from Ghacks into a single tab stack for easier handling.
The right-click context menu that appears on web pages can be customized now, similarly to how other menus of the browser can be customized Appearance, select one of the new menu options under Menu Customization, and add, remove or edit the menu entries. The menus are divided into types, e.g. audio and video, links, or text fields.
Quick Commands bold the keyword that you searched in the new release, and it is possible to use the periodic reload feature here, by typing "periodic reload 2" to reload the active tab every 2 minutes.
The process of updating silently on Windows has started.

Closing Words
Vivaldi Technologies is listening to its user base by improving the performance of the web browser and adding more customization options to it. The ability to edit context menu items in the browser is a welcome addition, as it allows users to create custom context menus that are perfectly suited for them.

Now You: have you tried the new version of Vivaldi already? Describe your experience!

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