Vitalik Buterin criticizes Elon Musk's idealistic view on cryptocurrency, detailing the limits of blockchain scalability

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum's most famous founders, rejected Elon Musk's vision to unravel cryptocurrencies in a new article detailing the limits of blockchain scalability. Buterin discusses three issues: storage, bandwidth, and computing power and their limitations with current technology. Vitalik Buterin criticized Elon Musk's simple approach, the founder of the second most successful cryptocurrency (Ethereum), Vitalik Buterin yesterday criticized Elon Musk's vision to fix cryptocurrencies, citing some important points. In a new article titled "The Limits of Blockchain Scalability," Buterin gave Elon a few hits, in the first paragraph, really, as Elon Musk wanted, "Can you speed up the block time 10 times? Charge 100X ”without causing excessive centralization and sacrificing the basic features that make a blockchain. Key factors in blockchain defense and decentralization are the ability of normal users to run a node (this contrasted with other perspectives, such as a number of criticisms and statements about the share of particular users of the community of large blocks. There are: Do it about the ability of end users to run a node: storage, bandwidth, and computing power. ticle explains how to configure these three factors and their recommended values if the goal is to have a well-functioning blockchain. He points out that the limit is 512 gigabytes, which is not an acceptable size for most users.As for bandwidth, he says the limit is about five megabytes blocks per ten seconds, although very high connection speeds are already available because nodes also n

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