Visa reveals five ways to enter crypto

Visa's Chairman and CEO Al Kelly said in a quarterly earnings call on April 27 that the company has ambitious digital currency plans. “I can say it's an area we look at in a very, very big way, and I think we are extremely well positioned,” Kelly said. But how does Visa plan to run large crypto projects? Here are five things Kelly says Visa is focusing on. 1. To help you buy crypto First Visa wants to make it easy to use Visa cards to buy cryptocurrencies. During the earnings call, Kelly reported an increase in encrypted purchases using Visa cards (from exchanges or peer-to-peer platforms, but did not say that Kelly described Bitcoin as “ digital gold ''; the coin was quoted by Kelly on the March podcast during Fortune. He said his purpose is to allow Visa customers to buy Bitcoin directly and to work with their Bitcoin wallets to “convert Bitcoin to fiat currency.” Fortune podcast Kelly said that small businesses affected by COVID could benefit from Bitcoin payments. "It's time for a real change, where everyone is considered equal, no questions asked," Kelly said on the Fortune podcast. Bitcoin already means that 70 million merchants are paying. and has wallet.Cite from Coinbase,, BlockFi, Fold and Bitpanda t. nd. Visa revealed in a March survey that 25% of Hispanics want to try out cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, 78% expect the emergence of new technologies, including crypto, Crypto Kelly in Daily Finance said the third area

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