Visa Issues NFT rapport na het kopen van CryptoPunk, Cites Ethereum & Flow Blockchains

Visa exhibits some bullish behavior toward the NFS. As our Bitcoinist sister network reported today, Visa has made a splash by buying a crypto bank to start the week. The purchase was made at the end of last week for about $ 49.50 ETH-about $ 150,000.

The company is clearly optimistic about the future of the NFT Sunday. If that purchase wasn’t enough to convince you, the company also released a new report on the NFT.

“Crypto And Trading”

The short report can be found as the latest white paper providing the company’s cryptographic Research tab. website.

The report, titled “NFT: fans’ involvement in crypto and Commerce today,” positions NFT as having”tremendous potential in the world of sports and entertainment.” While many early NFT projects were associated with a sense of community, unique identity, or positioning of early users, there is also no doubt that NFTS have tremendous potential in the next wave of sports collectibles. Of course, it is clear that after the crypto bank’s recent acquisition, Visa understands that its potential goes beyond just collections.

Yet the report remains a fundamental explanation for what the NFT is and why collectors, fans, teams, competitions and talent find them attractive.

The stream block is marked by ethereum in Visa’s latest report. / Source: flow-US dollar

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Explain It All There

The report continues to discuss various use cases of NFT, including sectors such as art and gaming (our team highlighted the importance of the use case of the project in a recent report on the evolution of altcoin). Moreover, the analysis highlights ETHEREUM and flow blockchains as central players in the NFT field.

The document approaches this approach, explaining the importance of storage and access and highlighting the different Sunday areas that can be used for distribution.

It’s the end of the visa document, especially in sports

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