Visa Dives into Cryptocurrency 'in a Very, Very Large Way' – CEO Announces 5 Crypto Priorities

Visa CEO Al Kelly said the payments giant is leaning into the cryptocurrency world in a "very, very important way." He describes five key crypto opportunity areas that Visa is targeting and says his company is "extremely well positioned". Visa 5 Focuses on the Crypto Space During Visa's earnings call, which ended on March 31 last week, the payments giant highlighted the company's commitment to the crypto space, highlighting the five key areas it is targeting. Visa's president and CEO, Al Kelly, began by stating that his company sees "two market segments" in the crypto space. One of these is bitcoin, which he describes as "primarily" human property. “We see them as digital gold,” he continued. "Then there are digital currencies, including central bank [CBDC] digital currencies and fixed currencies backed directly by existing fiat currencies." The CEO also announced that we are focusing on five different opportunities we see in this area. And I can say that this is an area where we lean in a very, very big way, and I think we are in an extremely good position. The first possibility that Visa CEO mentions is "allowing consumers to buy this currency or this bitcoin." “We work closely with wallets and exchanges to make it easier for people to accept their ability to use Visa cards to buy,” he said. Explaining that the second option is to “ allow digital currency payments '', Kelly added that this means “ converting digital currency to fiat currency based on Visa credentials and then making those funds available for shopping. At one of 70 million Visa vendors and offers an instant advantage to digital currency. “We have over 35 digital currency platforms and wallets that choose to partner with us. Coinbase,, Blockfi, Fold, Bitpanda are just a few examples. Good luck.” The thief.

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