Virtue Poker integrates FunFair no deposit wallet platform

Partnerships and integrations are key elements of the cryptocurrency industry. Virtue Poker integrates FunFair wallet for all its players. An important step for this popular and reliable decentralized poker provider. Virtue Poker Takes the Next Step Providing the decentralized world of poker has many benefits, including fairness, transparency and accessibility. One feature that was a bit lacking in Virtue Poker was the support of an unsupervised wallet. Users often want their income to be paid as quickly as possible, but they have to do this manually. The integration of an off-storage portfolio solution directly simplifies this additional step. The integration of the FunFair portfolio into the Virtue Poker platform is an important step. Users can log into the Virtue Poker platform without leaving the application to create a wallet. Everything is accessible in the application. In addition, the wallet supports conversion of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to VPP, the native ERC20 token of the decentralized poker platform. It significantly improves the overall user experience and paves the way for many new poker players to join. “We are delighted that Virtue Poker is one of the first app developers to complete the integration of our solution,” said Lloyd Purser, COO of FunFair Technologies. “After going through the pitfalls of dapp development ourselves, we know what matters to dapp developers and their customers. Therefore, our experience in creating and managing our own dapps can support partners like Virtue Poker in their endeavors. FunFair has been in the blockchain space since 2017. Their focus on decentralized games makes them a viable partner for Virtue Poker and other game-related endeavors currently on the market.The wallet integrates with xDai, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain and the latest blockchain technology for a simple yet powerful user experience.

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